CP - Virtual Reality Artist

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Live VR performance

An artistic creation during your evening (1 to 2 hours). The artwork is provided to you digitally at the end of the performance. Ideal for: gala evening, company anniversaries, inaugurations

Speed VR Performance

She will deliver a customized digital art show in record time (7 to 10 minutes). She can do anything from revealing a logo to launching a new product—all synchronized to music!

Virtual Reality Show

Ideal to show what Virtual Reality Art is all about! This show is already created and follows one of 2 themes : The Evolution of Technology or the Creation of Nature

Ideal for: gala evening, company anniversary, inaugurations

Immersive environments

Her specialty is creating immersive environments, tailored to your image. She can include photos and videos inside the artwork, so it’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece that will be unique to you.


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