Plan your next Dubai event with G.A.E Events


G.A.E events is an artists and events management company, operating from Dubai.  We offer a full range of artists and event management services.

Once you select and confirm your service / artist from G.A.E events. Then you need to apply for DTCM approval.

Let us walk you through what is DTCM.

What is DTCM?

DTCM is the principal authority for the planning, supervision, development, and marketing of tourism in Dubai. DTCM was appointed by decree as the body responsible for the development and management of an online e-permit system through which all procedures related to the application, processing, and licensing of event permits would be operated.

What is an e-Permit system? 

The e-Permit system is an electronic platform that aims to unify the issuance of permits for different types of events held in Dubai. The system also includes a centralized platform for the sale and distribution of tickets for all events in Dubai.

All entities planning to hold an event in Dubai (barring the ones that are of a personal nature) are required to have an e-Permit. Entities must submit their application for an e-Permit together with all required documents and fees through the e-Permit system, following which they receive notifications and approvals from the event-related entities accordingly.

Does your event need an e-permit?

If you are hosting an event in Dubai, private or public, ticketed, or non-ticketed, in the category of sport, entertainment, business, fashion, art, culture, music, you are required to get an event permit from DTCM through the e-Permit platform. This includes all business events held in Dubai, with the listed venues on the system.

All events that require registration or ticketing also need to be linked to the DTCM e-ticketing system. The e-Ticketing platform issues a unique barcode for each ticket/registration record, which is printed on the registrant’s badge .

The necessity to comply to DTCM rules and guidelines

Non-compliance to DTCM’s regulations can lead to heavy fines. Entities organizing an event without being listed on e-Permit, or entities that are not subscribed in the e-Ticketing system, or that sell tickets that do not display an e-Ticketing barcode, are subject to fines! So, it’s in your event’s best interest to ensure you have all the necessary permits in place and are 100% compliant with these regulations to avoid any challenge in case of any inspectors’ visit.

For any planner looking to organize an event in Dubai, compliance with DTCM rules and guidelines is mandatory, which requires you to register as an organizer and obtain an e-Permit. Once your e-Permit is approved, your event registrations need to be synced with DTCM, which issues a unique barcode to each delegate.

This is where G.A.E Events helps you to attain the required e-permits and ticketing for your event.

Planning an event with us is as easy as below:

Step 1: Send us an enquiry to / +971501476846 for permits & ticketing-related requests.
Step 2: Fill up a form and send it back to us
Step 3: Get an estimate along with the list of documents that you need to submit
Step 4: Get your Event permit & Ticketing permit approved.