Belly Dance For Wedding Parties

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12 de April de 2021

Weddings are special and ought to be memorable. Yet, people seldom get creative enough with wedding day entertainment. It’s always just a DJ or a band at the venue. It’s sometimes predictable, and it’s time to re-think, to conduct something refreshing.

Other interesting attractions and add-ons can truly make the occasions your host stands out. One such increasingly popular idea in the middle-east is to hire a belly dancer. A professional belly dancer can mesmerize and captivate your guests. It will certainly be something people will talk about for years to come. Anyone who has attended such an event would certainly brag about it to you.

The most authentic way of incorporating this event is to have a dancer in the “Zaffa” procession. Zaffa is an Arab tradition where a dancer adorned with a candelabra on her head leads the bridegroom to the reception hall.

A professional belly dancer does a lot more than dance. For example, she can welcome your guests and take pictures of them. This is a good way to entertain your guests before the ceremony.

Apart from marriages, belly dancers are hired for birthdays, bachelor parties, memorials, business parties. You can find them at both formal and casual events and depending on the type of event and the needs of your guests, you can choose the music, outfits, and much more to make the occasion fun and energetic.



The following are a few tips for belly dancers that I have gathered from years of attending such events and through my acquaintance with some of the best dancers in the business:

A belly dancer is at an event professionally but some women may feel insecure about their spouse in your presence. So it is important to make the women at any event feel at ease. Give them special consideration, make eye contact, and ensure that they are comfortable and unthreatened by your presence. Make it evident that you are there as a professional entertainer and not to steal their men.

As you present the sword to the guest of honor be sure to move them to unsheathe the blade in a very dignified manner. Ensure that your body language is as asexual as possible and help them to dance and sheath the blade at the very end.

Make brief eye contact as you move to the guest at the next table. However, some people can be uncomfortable when a dancer is close to them and prefer to watch from a distance, so keep that in mind and make sure none of the guests feel any real discomfort.

Get the kids and teenagers to hit the dance floor with you as they are usually more fun-loving and energetic. Their guardians at the gathering will love it.

If possible try to liven the situation by coaxing the guest of honor to dance as well. It might be that he needs some support him but if he is able he will proceed without any assistance.

Find someone fascinating from the audience who looks at you with intrigue and welcome them for a dance. But remember if it is an all-Arabic event it is best to invite only women to the dance floor owing to deep cultural differences.


Belly dancing is a great practice and a stress reliever and you can always learn some moves for your wedding day. Belly dance classes tend to be “body-positive”, meaning that all kinds of bodies are welcomed. You can also hire a belly dancer to come and enjoy a bridal shower or a bachelor party and teach you and your guests a few stunning dance moves.

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